Information is power, and that is exactly why we are putting together this post for you. We want to share the top LED lighting blogs on the web for your benefit. Being able to soak up information that will teach you a thing or two is invaluable.

Whether you want general information, news, or in-depth and technical LED information; this list of LED blogs will satisfy any of those needs. We wanted to fill every gap regarding LEDs which is why we are including blogs of all sorts related to lighting and LED technology.

Here we list the top 14 15 LED lighting blogs of 2017 2017based on quality, yet in no specific order on the list. Without further or do, here is the list:



This magazine is one of the largest and most highly known LED publications in the industry. If you haven’t heard of them, you probably haven’t been going to the right places for information. They are huge providers of news in all corners of the industry and you can find new posts here daily.


Biz LED Magazine

This LED magazine talks about LED energy and development, the global LED industry, news, and even informational topics like this one. They offer just about everything any facility manager or lighting expert would want to know.


The LED Lady

The LED Lady is known for her video posts all based around the LED industry. She brings you top notch videos with interviews of the top players in the field. This is the perfect resource for those of you who like to watch videos over read.



The Retrofit Companies Blog

While this blog is huge on lighting and recycling content, it’s an awesome blog to find highly informative articles and case studies. They aren’t big on specific news like others we have listed, it’s a perfect blog for an informational read that will get you educated on both lighting and recycling.


LED News on Blogspot

This more unofficial source of LED news is still a great place to soak up information and news about LEDs and the ever changing market. Gain valuable news updates daily that you might not find anywhere else with this news outlet.


LED World

LED World is up there when it comes to technical information in the world of LED technology. If you are an industry professional, you might want to add LED World to your frequent visitors list. Be aware, this one is not for any beginners in the industry.


Electronics Weekly

Finding weekly, content and news all about LEDs and the technology. This blog won’t disappoint you when it comes to quality content. So although they don’t post every day often, you can still find a good read when they finally do post something new.


LED Inside

This blog goes above and beyond when it comes to LED information. They cover things from product news, lighting projects and even market research and intelligence. They seriously live up to the term quality when it comes to their content.



Just as the name suggests, Lumenhub is a resource all around lighting. From publications, to news, announcements, and more, Lumenhub is an authority hub of information in the lighting industry. Keep up to date with just about anything with Lumenhub.



This amazing and great general source of news and informative topics has seemingly been around awhile (as you can tell by their website design). But design aside, they seriously do offer some great pieces of content regularly that you will surely learn a thing or two from.


LED Journal

This online source is a great gathering point for all minds alike. They offer guest blogs up to outside writers, which allows talent from all over to contribute to the website and make it highly valuable and not one-sided.


Efficient Lighting Consultants

Along with their expertise comes a blog, one that is meant to inform you about efficient lighting decisions. With lighting, and most specifically LEDs, efficiency is a huge factor to any purchaser. And although they are consultants, their blog still offers enough value to get a general basis around the topic matter talked about on their blog.

As their name suggests, this is another LED news related site. They offer news, knowledge, and new technological advancement updates to all of its readers.


MyLEDLightingGuide Blog

That’s us! We had to include it in the list because we publish highly practical content regarding product news, tutorials and guides, resources, and much more. Just take this article you are reading for example, this is just a slim view of the type of value we offer! Click here to read our other posts.


LIGHTimes Online

More news but LIGHTimes is dedicated to providing news and resource that will help in the acceleration and adoption of LED technology. It’s a great mission, and they sure are helping with the efforts by supplying great news and resources all about LED and it’s benefits.


LED Professional

Last but definitely not least; this blog will satisfy your advanced knowledge base by providing in-depth and highly technical posts all related to LED technology. Although experts know a lot, there is still a lot to learn from this site (and all others listed).


All newly added websites will be listed below here. Above are the original 14!


LightNOW Blog

This blog will keep you up to date with all the latest lighting conferences, news, and practical information that any lighting professional should be keeping up to date with to stay ahead. Thank Craig for this one; he really does provide amazing content on a regular basis over on their website!



Have any suggestions?

Do you have any suggestions on sites to add to the list? Whether it’s your site or someone elses, we’d love to hear about it! Please comment your suggestions down below for our consideration.

On top of that, please comment what your top 3 favorite blogs from this list are, we want to see who is the most popular of them all!

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