High bay fixtures are a critical part to any high ceiling building. Since these high bays require such large lumen output, the cost to run them can be high. By converting to LED high bays, you are able to reduce your energy consumption in your most energy intensive fixtures by up to 75%.

In this post, we are going to cover (non-comparatively) 5 top types of LED high bay lights for this year, 2017. While not every item on this list will apply to you and your building, there will surely be one or two for your needs if you currently use high bay lights in your facility.


If at any time you come across a question, want more information, or are actually interested in implementing LED into your building; contact a qualified lighting professional here.


Now, here are the 5 top LED high bay lights that we have available this year:

LED Traditional Styled High Bay


LED High Bay Lamp 150WThese traditional commercial high bay lighting fixtures look a lot like what we think a normal high bay should look like. They are reminiscent of traditional style Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium high bays and offer your typical round high bay look.

These high bay LED fixtures can replace both 400W and 1000W Metal Halide. The smallest unit is 80W producing 10,240 lumens. There is a 160W unit producing 19,200 lumens. This would be a good 400W Metal Halide replacement. And the largest unit at 400W produces 51,200 lumens. That’s 128 lumens/watt. And, Fireflier Made backed with a 5 year warranty.




LED UFO Style High Bay


Ripple UFO Led high bay light 120WThese UFO styled LED High Bay Light Fixtures look like a UFO flying ship, they are low profile and the “ship” is actually the fixtures large heat sink. The dome on the top is the High Bays driver box

These LED high bay fixtures come in several models, and like the traditional high bay above, they can replace 250W to 1000W HID High bays. They are also IP65 rated (waterproof), UL Listed (safety) and DLC Listed (rebates from the utility company).



LED Panel Style High Bay


Linear Led High Bay Lamp 80WThese LED high bay Lighting fixtures look a lot like a troffer style panel. The advantages of this type of fixture are the LEDs are spread over a larger area. This has 2 main advantages – Great light distribution and large heat sink. It is important to realize these lights are particularly good at light distribution, creating an even distribution.

These high bay LEDs can replace both 400W and 1000W Metal Halide. The smallest unit is 120W producing 15,360 lumens. There is a 150W unit producing 19,200 lumens and the largest unit at 300W produces 38,400 lumens. Fireflier Made backed with a 7 year warranty like the traditional style high bay.



Linear Style LED Aisle High Bays


100W Module led high bayThese high bay LED lighting fixtures are the perfect option as your high bay lighting LED system, which are great for aisles.

These LED linear high bay lights can replace up to 400W Metal Halide with as little as 120W. These lights are UL Listed and DLC Listed for rebates from your utility company, along with the other options on this page. So if you have aisle lighting needs, this is a fixture you’d most likely need for the most optimal lighting design.



LED High Bay Retrofit Kits


IP65 LED High Bay Bulb 100WA retrofit kit utilizes your existing fixture and replaces the bulb and ballast with the LED head and the LED driver. These retrofits can be significantly more economical than replacing the entire fixture, for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. One of which being it’s cheaper to buy. Another being it’s (typically) cheaper to install as well. For this reason, our high bay retrofit kits HAD to make it on the list of the best high bay lighting options.

These retrofits come in a wide power range from 60W to 150w, producing up to 24000 lumens with 160lm/w . Compare that to some of our competitors products that produce only 97 lumens per watt. They would need 250W to produce the 24,000 lumens. These lights are also with safty chain for safety, making them a great choice. For more information on our LED high bay retrofit kits, click here.

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