All about LED High Bay Light

What is LED High Bay Light?

When you need to light up a large indoor space, LED High Bay Light is a perfect choice. This kind of lighting is appropriate for many different indoor spaces, including factories, gyms, warehouses, large department stores, and more. High bay lights are powerful and bright enough to provide adequate foot-candles in areas that are vast and cover a lot of vertical as well as horizontal space. High bay lighting fixtures are used to provide illumination for large spaces, often in warehouses. They are suspended from the ceiling by chains, hooks, or pendants. The image above is an example of high bay light fixtures in use.


LED High Bay Lights VS Others

Historically, different types of lights have been used in warehouse and industrial settings. The most common are metal halide (MH), high-pressure sodium (HPS), and fluorescent. With all these options, it can be hard to pick the best one to use for your space. But there are many reasons why an LED High Bay Light is the best option. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when deciding if an LED retrofit is right for you.

LED High Bay lights or Metal Halide Lights?

You may be wondering which you should invest in. Metal halide lights are common for sporting events, warehouses, and industrial uses, as well as any setting where large, high spaces need to be illuminated. They have the decent color rendering and comparatively adequate foot-candle levels, but come with drawbacks such as a long time to warm up (sometimes 15-30 minutes) and a high cost to maintain. They also have failure characteristics that include flickering on and off.

LED High Bay Lighting vs High-Pressure Sodium Lights

The benefits of LED High Bay Lighting include a bright, even light that reduces eyestrain and lengthens the life of your eyes. It’s perfect for warehouse, industrial, business, and recreational facilities. HPS lights work well in these places, too; they’re much cheaper to maintain and come with a longer lifespan. The downside: the poor color rendering and the long warm-up period.

LED High Bay Lighting vs Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are sometimes utilized in industrial or warehouse settings (primarily T12, T8, and T5). They provide cheaper initial costs and a fairly high level of efficiency. However, there are downsides to fluorescent lights. They have toxic mercury that requires proper waste disposal procedures. They also have a decreased lifetime when they’re switched on and off. And they need a ballast to stabilize the light.

UFO LED High bay lamp

Advantages of LED High Bay Lights

When buying high bay light fixtures for warehouse locations, people are looking for these requirements:

  • Bright light
  • The right color rendering
  • Long life span
  • Durability
  • Non-toxicity
  • Cool in temperature

When you choose LED High Bay Light fixtures, you are satisfying every requirement for warehouses. Plus, people who install LED lights report energy savings up to 80% and savings on maintenance costs. Keep reading the below article to learn about other benefits of LED High Bay Light fixtures.


LEDs offer a variety of advantages, but the single most important one is their lower energy consumption. Compared to old types of lighting, LED High Bay Lights use a fraction of the power and can save you money in utility costs. For larger commercial buildings, the savings are easy to see when replacing fixtures.

Plus, changing out old fixtures for LED fixtures is a fantastic way to contribute to a company’s eco-friendliness. It reduces a business’ consumption of natural resources and emissions. LED lights are now the trend in the market and many customers will find this admirable. LEDs also generate less heat than traditional lights. This means businesses will be able to keep their facility cool in the summer without stressing the environment.


People might think the installation process of LED High Bay Light is difficult, but that’s not the case. The process is simplified and fast, meaning you can get the benefits of upgrading while minimizing downtime. We offer LED High Bay fixtures with these features.

They require fewer tools and that means that the installation process is quick and ergonomically friendly for installers. This shortens the time warehouse space is out of commission and also saves time and money for the manufacturers.

These LED High Bay fixtures are designed to be installed easily. For example, Fireflier Lighting’s high bay fixtures have a customized length of the power cord that the installer can use from the stock cord on the fixture, rather than having to find an extra cord and fumble with it.

When you get a Fireflier Lighting fixture, you also get incredibly helpful installation instructions. They’re clear, simple, and well-written. Plus, they come with illustrations that make the process easy to understand.

Once an LED High bay lights installation is over, not only does a business become more efficient, but it becomes a lot more cost-effective. With LED warehouse lights, maintenance is minimal and costly projects are a thing of the past. Changing a burnt-out bulb at home may seem like a simple task, but that changes when it is 50 feet up in the air and your staff needs to take a lift and set aside time for maintenance.

LED High Bay Lights are the perfect choice for large-scale spaces due to their long life. Their typical life span can be up to 100,000 hours, which is over 11 years! If you take the square footage that is lit and the number of manhours it would take for each replacement into account, you will find that this math adds up quickly.

High-Quality Lighting Performance

Safety is always a concern for warehouse employees. When workers are navigating across tricky areas such as aisles, staircases, high traffic corners, and catwalks, the use of LED High Bay Light can be very helpful. The lights stay bright throughout these areas to avoid collisions and make navigating the space much easier.

If you’re looking for a better work environment, LED High Bay Lights may be the answer. They produce white light that is closer to natural daylight than regular bulbs, and thus provide more contrast and help people see what they’re doing more clearly. Take a warehouse that needs to be well-lit: LED High Bay lights 5000K will help workers identify parts correctly and fill orders with more accuracy.

A workspace’s light quality impacts how productive employees can be. To avoid eye strain, try using LED High Bay Lights instead of fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Furthermore, when employees feel energized and content in their environment, they are more likely to be productive.

Advanced Technology

LED fixtures are smart. Literally. They can come with technology features that respond to your space, which makes it more energy efficient.

You have a large warehouse with lots of empty space you’d like to keep light. Occupancy sensors turn the lights on when someone enters, and off when nobody is there. Instant LED High Bay lights can be a huge benefit in this situation because they come on instantly and shut off after inactivity in the space.

Think of the workers on their forklifts. You need to keep them safe, so you don’t want them to have to get off the machine to turn lights on and off or drive into dark areas. Occupancy sensors can help your warehouse be brighter by distinguishing between motions from people and repetitive motions from machinery, such as a fan.

Long Durability

This is where LED High Bay Fixtures really shines: in tough-to-reach warehouse environments. They’re great for tough, heavy machinery and awkward spaces like shelving. Unlike their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts, they can take a beating and be used for years without breaking. They’re also much less likely to shatter or break than those old lights, so you’ll actually save on your maintenance costs.

Fireflier LED High Bay Lights come with a 5-year warranty. That’s two years more than most other lights on the market and it guarantees you’ll get more time between lamp changes and more production and savings.

Different types of LED High Bay lights

High bay lights, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be used for different purposes. The type of high bay light you choose will depend on your space. Size and shape are not the only factors to consider when choosing a high bay light. Beam angles also affect the light quality. You can choose from a few different beam angles to best suit your space – from wide-spread lighting to narrow lighting. Here are some of the most popular high bay light fixture styles.

UFO LED High Bay Light/Round High Bay Light

led high bay fixture ac277-480v

In the old days, metal halide was your go-to for high bay lighting. These lights required not only a lot of power but also a long time to warm up. However, because metal halide bulbs had a 360˚ beam angle and the fixtures had reflectors added, a lot of light was wasted and shined upwards. With LED lights, this isn’t a problem because the directionality of the bulbs directs the full amount of light where it is needed.

These metal halides burned out after a whopping 20,000 hours, and before they died, they got dimmer. A sign of things to come. You could expect to see 50% of your light output lost after half the time it says it can operate for.

Today’s UFO LED high bays outperform metal halide in every aspect. For half the operating cost and twice the operating life, they outperform metal halide in every single aspect. The Round LED High Bay Lights also allow for reflector-free design, which makes for less bulky fixture housing. With a wide selection of round LED high bays in all height and application needs, we have something for everyone.

The saucer-shaped UFO type of high bay lights is the easiest to install, because they only need to be hung at one point. They work best for a place with high ceilings, which is why they can be great for areas such as warehouses. The light from UFO high bay lights has an average angle of 120 degrees and can be installed anywhere from 13ft to 42ft high.

In a restaurant setting, the right amount of light can be a beautiful thing. For example, in a 13ft space, LED High Bay lights 100 watts and 3000K will provide the perfect amount of lighting. In a larger open commercial space which is 25ft, LED High Bay lights 240 watts and 5000K will provide beautiful lighting for the whole building.

It’s important to have lumens, not just watts. A high wattage on its own may not always provide the best lighting. The choices are 100 watts, 150 watts, 240 watts, and 300 watts. Remember that round lights may not be the best choice for all spaces. If they don’t work well, there are other options.

Linear LED High Bay Lights

linear led high bay light

In the past, people used fluorescent T5HO lights and T8 or T12 for their ceilings. The idea was that T5HO technology would be a replacement for metal halide high bay lights, but it never quite lived up to its promise.

If you’re still using fluorescent high bays to light up your warehouse or garage, you should take a look at our Linear LED High Bay lights. Linear LED High Bay lights really do provide the same intensity as metal halide lamps, while running significantly less power and lasting much longer.

Linear High Bay Lights are the best option for large spaces with either a lot of aisles or shelves. You can install the lights over both aisles to ensure every inch of your space is lit.

If you’ve made the decision to use high bay lighting in your retail space, make sure you know what you’re getting. The type of light can affect consumers’ buying habits and choices, so it’s important to choose the right light for the business at hand. For a large commercial building, 200W Linear High Bay LED lights with 5000K or 4000K can create a well-lit environment and help products to sell. If you have a smaller space or softer lighting needs, 100W Linear High Bay LED lights with 3000K will serve you well.

E39 E40 Base LED High Bay Bulb

E40 LED High Bay light package

If you are looking for a High Bay Light replacement and wanna keep the old metal halide or HPS fixture, then a screw base E39 or E40 LED High Bay Bulb is the best option. They are specially designed to replace the traditional bulbs such as metal halide light, HPS lights, etc. Usually, we use 100W LED High bay bulb to replace a 250W metal halide bulb and a 150w or 200W LED High Bay Bulb to replace a 400W metal halide lamp or HPS lamp. The best way to choose the power of LED lights required is to make a lighting calculation.

Considering there is a ballast in the old fixture, it is necessary to remove or bypass it before installing the E40 LED High Bay Bulb.

Fireflier provides both waterproof IP65 E39 or E40 LED High Bay bulbs and non-waterproof E39 or E40 LED High Bay bulbs for different applications. A 60/90/120degree lens and 0-10V dimming are optional.


0-10V Dimming

When you going to choose a dimmable LED High Bay Light, 0-10V dimming LED High Bay Light is the most popular option.

The simplest way to control the brightness of an LED High Bay Light is by using what’s called 0-10v Dimming LED High Bay Light. This system was made to control lighting, and it’s one of the oldest. The brighter you want the light to be, the more volts you send to the driver. For instance, sending 0 volts would turn off the light, while sending 10 volts would make it go to its maximum brightness. The driver will smoothly dim the light, too.

Dali Dimming

DALI control has been applied in many LED industrial lighting. It is an approach to industrial lighting that has been applied in Europe and America and has grown in popularity. Currently, it’s a widely used technology and will only become more popular as the popularity of LED lighting continues to grow. Dali Dimming LED High Bay lights is also a nice option besides 0-10V dimming High bay lights.

DALI is a data-transfer protocol that defines communication between lighting and system control systems. DALI gives the owners of an enterprise great flexibility when it comes to designing and adjusting lighting schemes. Moreover, after installation, adjustments can still be used during operation such as LED high bay lights or LED linear high bay lights without adding any extra circuits. Because of its simplicity and compatibility with current lighting technology, DALI is a perfect and advantageous data-transfer protocol.

Motion Sensor

200W LED HIGH bay light with motion sensor.jpg

Preventing wasted energy is just one of the many benefits of high bay lights with a motion sensor. They also come equipped with motion detectors that turn the lights on only when they are needed. This translates to a 35% reduction in energy consumption, while keeping your lights on when you need them most.

Fireflier Lighting provides LED High bay lights with an automatic dimming microwave sensor. Using microwave technology, this sensor analyzes the environment and establishes a baseline by calculating distances. It detects motion and looks for changes in the world around it. How does it do this? The detector takes time to determine if stationary objects’ current distance is as expected. If there is a change, then the motion sensor will use its baseline analysis to detect whether that change is due to motion or just a change in the environment.

Emergency Battery Back-Up

UFO LED High bay with emergency power

LED High Bay lights can come equipped with an emergency battery backup, which is a really great idea. Businesses should provide both commercial lighting and emergency lighting for their clients. It’s important to note that the emergency LED High bay light will be available during power outages, blackouts, fires, or lightning strikes.

How to choose the wattage of LED high bays?

LED high bays are more power-efficient than metal halides. The average LED high bay replaces a 400W metal halide and only uses 200W. So, it saves 50%. A high-performance LED replaces a 400W metal halide and only uses 150W. This further reduces the energy consumption by 62.5%. That’s how wattage is no longer helpful in measuring brightness.

Let’s talk about lumens. Lumens are a unit of light measurement, and all light sources are measured in lumens. What does this mean? If you’re comparing metal halide and LED lights, both put out 24,000 lumens. A 24,000-lumen metal halide lamp and a 24,000-lumen LED lamp or a 24,000-lumen fluorescent fixture produce the same amount of visible light.

Keep your eye on the lumens of your high bay LED lights. They are available in different watts, but it’s the amount of lumens you need to consider. As LEDs become more efficient, they will use less and less watts. There are different wattages for different heights. For example, for higher levels of height (over 30 feet), you would need a 200W LED High Bay fixture or more.

Ceiling Height Use a high bay fixture rated
Over 40 feet 40,000 lumens & up
30 to 40 feet 30,000 to 39,000 lumens
20 to 30 feet 20,000 to 29,000 lumens
15 to 20 feet 15,000 to 19,000 lumens

To figure out the right light for your space, you’ll need to take into account a few additional factors. For instance, what will you be using the space for? Retailers and manufacturers require brighter lights on lower levels than warehouses and recreation centers, which are used for straight-up storage. Additionally, consider the size of your space and the color of the walls before choosing the right lighting.

Similar to watts, voltage is an important consideration when shopping for LED High Bay lights. Many of our high bays are available in both AC100-277V and AC277-480V. If you need 480V High Bay Lights but don’t see an option listed, give us a call.


Bright light at ground level? Here are some tips. If you install your fixtures close together, the light will overlap more, creating a brighter area. A great way to get a perfect amount of light is to install them at a distance that is not too close but not too far. But if you install them too far apart, there may be gaps in your lighting, which can make it uneven.

To ensure you’ll have enough light at ground level, you’ll need some overlap. The degree will depend on how bright you need your lighting to be.

The spacing of your ceiling lights also depends on the height of your ceilings. Light is cone-shaped, so it’s concentrated at the light source. As the light spreads away from the source, it widens its reach. The farther away you are from the light source, the wider your cone of light becomes. So, lights at 15 feet off the ground cast a smaller spread of light than ones installed 30 feet high.

So, low-mounted lights will need to be more closely spaced than higher-mounted lights to achieve overlap. Use this chart as a basic rule of thumb:

Installation Height General Brightness High Brightness
Over 30 feet 25 ft spacing 20 ft spacing
20 to 30 feet 18 ft spacing 16 ft spacing
15 to 20 feet 14 ft spacing 12 ft spacing

Amount of Lights


How many lights do I need? When it comes to this, you need to know the size of the area that you want to light up and how much light you want to emit. You can do this by using a layout or a Dialux lighting calculation. Alternatively, you can use the spacing guidelines and the brightness requirements for your space to be able to determine the right number of lights for your space.



ufo led high bay lamp installation

  1. Turn off the switch and circuit breaker before installing this LED light fixture.
  2. Drill a pilot hole, then securely install your hook in the ceiling or adequate support.
    • If using a chain, cut to the correct size to suspend light.
  3. Screw the provided lifting ring clockwise into the UFO High Bay fixture, then tighten firmly Add and tighten ring screw (A)
  4. Hang the fixture onto your ceiling hook or chain with the lifting ring.
  • Chain and ceiling hook not included.
  1. Secure the light with a safety cable (not included) to prevent it from falling.
    • Loop end secures on support not hanging hook.
    • Clip end secures to a pre-cut hole between fins on the luminaire.
  2. Hang the fixture onto your ceiling hook or chain with the lifting ring.
    • Chain and ceiling hook not included. Secure the light with a safety cable (not included) to prevent it from falling.
    • Loop end secures on support not hanging hook.
    • Clip end secures to the pre-cut hole between fins on the luminaire.
  3. Turn on the circuit breaker and test the light.


UFO LED High Bay Lighting bracket installation

  1. Turn off the switch and circuit breaker before installing this LED light fixture.
  2. Use chalk or a sharp tool to mark the ceiling or wall where you will place the High Bay fixture.
    • Holes should match the holes in the bracket.
    • Drill holes with an electric drill.
  3. Use a hammer to place the expansion anchors into the prepared holes.
  4. Align the holes on the bracket with the expansion anchors.
  5. With aligned holes, push the light to one side. Tighten the nuts
  6. After installation, connect the supply wires to the UFO High Bay wires with wire nuts (not included).
  • Black to Black (Live)
  • White to White (Neutral)
  • Green to Green (Ground) See wiring diagram above
  1. Modify the fixture position vertically 50 degrees (left or right) by adjusting the side screw on the bracket.
  2. Turn on the circuit breaker and test the light.


ufo led high bay lighting pendent installation

  1. Turn off the switch and circuit breaker before installing this LED light fixture.
  2. Unscrew the nut on the ½” NPT.
  3. Align the NPT and U-Bracket holes, then either:
  • screw the pipe into the drive hole of the light fixture. OR
  • Reuse and tighten the nut (from the ½” NPT) to secure.

4. After installation, connect the supply wires to the UFO High Bay wires with wire nuts (not included).

  • Black to Black (Live)
  • White to White (Neutral)
  • Green to Green (Ground) See wiring diagram above.

5. Modify the fixture position vertically 50 degrees (left or right) by adjusting the side screw on the bracket.

6. Turn on the circuit breaker and test the light.

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