light against COVID-19

A U.S. based LED company Atomic Blue announced the launch of its high-powered UV-C LED light. The light has been tested by the National Institutes of Health of the U.S. government on the COVID-19 Virus and shown to eradicate the virus by 99.9999%. The study was conducted in a controlled laboratory setting on N95 masks and steel surfaces.

According to the NIH website: “N95 respirators can be decontaminated effectively and maintain functional integrity for up to three uses. N95 respirators are designed for single-use and are worn by healthcare providers to reduce exposure to airborne infectious agents, including the virus that causes COVID-19. The findings are not yet peer-reviewed but are being shared to assist the public health response to COVID-19.” However, the study did not indicate the exact amount and the exposure time of UV light.

Atomic Blue said that its UV LED light was built for applications that require surface and/or air treatment to remove all viruses and bacteria.

“Innovation in nanotechnology applied to LED chips and core patented cooling technology have made it possible to achieve significant improvements in UV-C technology. This proprietary solution increases output by 10.7X. The difference is significant; competitor products in the market reach 100 Watts while we are able to achieve 300 Watts and higher, which greatly improves efficiency and efficacy while reducing the disinfection time and distance through higher intensity levels.” David Lolis, CEO of Atomic Blue.

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