choose LED high bay light

Who knew lighting up any new space is a such challenging task! After all we can’t apply the same type of lighting solutions to both homes and commercial spaces, right? Your employees need to see the computer, machines, products, and so much more. Lighting a space like a warehouse or manufacturing facility is a tall […]

Many people are surprised to learn that placing LED lights along streets is great for the environment. There are many reasons for this. Why LED Streetlights are Best for our Environment Some of the main reasons why these LED lights are best for our environment include: They consume less energy than the traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lights Last up to three […]

buying guides to high bay lights

The increasing cost of electricity and the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions have made many businesses to adopt energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions – and LED is the most popular choice. It is no secret that LED lights have revolutionized lighting thanks to their low energy consumption, reduced maintenance, high light output, and a myriad […]

400W MHL Replacement

Have you ever needed 400w metal halide LED replacement? One of our recent customers has. A customer contacted us for advice on how to use LED high bays to replace 400w metal halide high bays in a 100′ x 200′ shipping warehouse. The customer’s current lighting was old and many of the fixtures didn’t work. […]

led light conversion

A common lighting technology in the commercial space is metal halide, at least in the past it was. Businesses are searching for efficient lighting to cut energy usage and reduce overhead. When facility managers start their search, they often search for the wrong answer. Here are some common questions that get asked: “How many LED […]

LED Retrofit

Have you been thinking about an LED retrofit for your facility or property? Not sure how to go about it? You came to the right place. Here’s a primer on getting your facility up to date with modern lighting. What is an LED Retrofit? Retrofitting your facility means that you’re adding something new (such as technology, component, […]

Asymmetric area lighting

When buying a new floodlight we may stumble upon the type of light beam angles: symmetrical or asymmetrical. This technical feature plays a key role in creating the optimum lighting effect in application areas such as stadiums, theaters, sport arenas or streets. In this blog you will be able to learn about the advantages of […]

dos and donts of LED High bay lighting

Many people want to get more brightness by simply increasing the number of LED High Bay Lighting fixtures in the warehouse, factory, and other industrial areas. However, it would not let you get a better lighting experience! Want to know why?. Well, Using a better and efficient lighting fixture is the solution to your all […]

high bay vs low bay

High Bay / Low Bay are lighting terms used to describe the correct bay lights needed for the appropriate ceiling height. Historically, perhaps the Low Bay was ‘flat white box light,’ and a High Bay was a pendant type high bay while the physical properties were ignored? Heavy-duty lighting projects, like those often done in […]

dimming types of lights

Choosing the right dimmer for different bulb and capsule light types is very important and can be difficult if you are not informed. A dimmer is used to adjust the level of brightness in any room, which can create a wide range of lighting moods. Dimmers can create more accommodating lighting and help you save […]

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