Best number of warehouse lights

Here’s a scenario. You’re in a warehouse facility and you want to determine how many lights are best for your space. How do you go about choosing the right warehouse lights? This can be tricky because there’s so much to consider. A lot of people wonder what the best number of warehouse lights is for […]

Top 5 Benefits of LED Flood Light

More and more people are switching to LEDs lighting systems because they are more efficient, reduce glare and provide an even, bright light. But what are the benefits of LED Flood Light? Here are the top 5 benefits of LED Flood Light. Durability Durability is a major benefit of LED Flood Light. LED flood lights […]

top 10 UFO LED high bay lights

UFO LED High Bay Lights: A Detailed Review Introduction Recently, UFO LED high bay lights have been gaining in popularity due to their many benefits. Moreover, they also save you lots of money and energy. When buying a UFO LED high bay light, you need to consider its size, mounting height, light spread, and color […]

the 5 benefits of LED Street lights

Introduction: LED street lights are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Streetlights are one of the most important public infrastructures in our cities. They provide safety for pedestrians and drivers, create a sense of order and cleanliness, promote economic development, and improve the quality of life. LED street lights are much more energy-efficient […]

solar street lighting VS conventional street lighting.jpg

The importance of street lighting was first realized in ancient times, when the Romans built roads and other major public works. Over the years, many cities have installed street lights to preserve public safety, enhance evening activities, and expand into tourism industries. Different types of lights have been used throughout history as they became available […]

led street lighting

For years, LEDs have been replacing outdated traffic lights. Today, they are also solving the problem of street lighting. Cities throughout the U.S. and Europe are already replacing older, less-efficient fixtures with LEDs. These LED Street Lighting are so powerful that they could soon replace other sources of road and sidewalk illumination such as high […]

All about LED High Bay Light

December 31, 2021
All about LED High Bay Light

What is LED High Bay Light? When you need to light up a large indoor space, LED High Bay Light is a perfect choice. This kind of lighting is appropriate for many different indoor spaces, including factories, gyms, warehouses, large department stores, and more. High bay lights are powerful and bright enough to provide adequate foot-candles […]

outdoor Parking Lot Lights

INTRODUCTION Do you know how much energy LED lights save? The US Department of Energy says they can last 25 times longer and use at least 75 percent less energy. If you’re in the business of selling lighting and electrical supplies, then it might be worth thinking about selling these efficient LED bulbs to your […]

150W LED High bay light

LED lights have been around for a long time. They were first introduced in 1961, and now they are more popular than ever. Today, there are many different types of LED lighting. For example, the LED light was originally infra-red and now it is more visible spectrum lighting. There are also more LED lights that […]

480v LED High Bay Lights

480v LED High Bay Lights can be used to provide lighting in large spaces such as warehouses and factories. These lights work by consuming less energy and emitting more light than other solutions. These lights can reach 170 lumens for watt and can be wired for 480 v. They also cause less heat than other […]

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