Emergency Backup Drivers for LED High Bay Lighting

LED high bay lights can be installed in warehouses, factories, car parks, storage areas. They are very practical and will help you save money on the electricity bill. However, what happens if there is a power outage and your LED High Bay Light is connected to it? The truth is that you will be left […]

outdoor solar lighting

Good outdoor solar lighting is transformative. Design, landscaping, and mood are all greatly enhanced by proper lighting choices and turn a dark exterior into a structure that welcomes and entices. If you drive around at night, you’ll find it easy to tell which homes and commercial buildings have done their due diligence on outdoor lighting. […]

What Are LED Corn Lights? Corn lights are LED light bulbs named for their resemblance to corn cobs. With the long shape and LED chips attached vertically down the body of the metal body, they resemble corn. However, the shape and design like corn are for a purpose. To emit heat. With the long body […]

200-480V high bay solutions

Many LED & conventional lighting products are designed to derive power from standard 120V or 240V power sources. Power supplies for these devices (typically called “Drivers”) may be designed to operate at either of these voltages, or often, at any voltage between 100-277V (universal input supplies). The challenge Many commercial & industrial installations receive primary power at 347V (in Canada) or 480V […]

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