Located in the high-tech led research center Shenzhen, Fireflier, as a manufacturer, aim to Fireflier lighting receiptaddress the clear need of business partners in the global to increase their competitiveness, profitability, and overall success in the illumination field since 2010. As an environmentally conscious company, we strive to balance environmental benefits with sound business practices.

Different from most LED manufacturers in China, Fireflier is not just a factory producing only public models, but a real manufacturer which has 80% of products patented design. Most of our products are with 5 years warranty and DLC UL ETL SAA CE ROHS certified. We focus on LED Industrial Lighting products R&D. Until now, we have developed a series of LED High Bay Light solutions, including UFO LED High Bay Light, Linear LED High Bay Light, Bell Type LED High Bay Light, E40 LED High Bay Light, Module LED High Bay Light, Flat LED High Bay Light and LED Low Bay Light etc,. Lumen efficiency has been updated from 80lm/w(2010)-100lm/w(2012)-120lm/w(2014), 150lm/w(2017), 190lm/w(2019). We keep updating our current products and develop new products at the same time. All in all, our goal is to provide our clients with the best LED products and solutions to achieve their expectations of projects.

China, especially Shenzhen has been the global main factory base for lighting products, especially LED lighting. While, as the fast development of the led market, more and more business people turn to this field in order to gain large profits. Which lead to a very chaotic supplier environment. Just in Shenzhen, there are >5000 companies that are producing and trading led lighting products with very different quality levels.

Based on the above, Fireflier aims to produce the right product with the best price required by our client in this complicated lighting area. All our employees have over 5 years of engineer experience in the lighting field. Europe, North America, Australia and also Latin America are our main market.

The benefits and value of working with Fireflier:

* You do not have to struggle with the choosing of a trustable supplier. We are familiar with the lighting field in China. Tell us what you need, and then let us do.

* By working with us, you can save much more money. As we know clearly material cost in China and we can get the best price from material suppliers.

* The main reason that most foreigners don’t trust Chinese suppliers is that they know few about the supplier which is far away from him. Then Fireflier is your office in China and we can help to purchase other products you need in a short time.

* The quality of your product is assured through our process controls, experience, and vendor networks.

All in all, Fireflier hope to work with all our friends from the whole world in the LED lighting field and make a contribution to the green earth. 

Production Overview

LED lamps production mainly included these aspects: Driver production, Cooler housing production, LED Package, assembly of complete set and testing of the whole set. After assembly of the lamp, we will do the aging test before delivery, which insures the good quality on the LED lamps. Our company strictly enforce production standard in every detail.

Here are some photos for your reference:

Production&Test of  Fireflier LED Lights:

LED High Bay Lights production process

high bay testing equipment

Factory Production:

production line fireflier

UFO LED High Bay Light Aging Test:

UFO LED High Bay Light aging test fireflier

Linear LED High Bay Light Aging Test:

LED Linear High Bay Lights Fireflier factory

IP65 LED Corn Bulb 10w-80w Aging Test:

ip65 led corn bulb aging test photos

IP65 LED Corn Bulb 60w-200w Aging Test:

ip65 led corn bulb burn in test Fireflier

LED High Bay Lights ready for shipment:

Fireflier LED High Bay Lights package

LED High Bay Lights ready for shipment

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