LED Equivalent against Traditional Lighting

Here at Fireflier we have compiled a table to show the comparisons between traditional fittings and the Fireflier LED equivalent. Please note, these comparisons are based on accurate estimations from testing within Fireflier studios. They are displayed here as guidance only and may vary dependant on the environment they are in, the equipment and existing products in use. We would recommend purchasing a sample to check it’s comparable to your existing lighting.

Traditional Fitting Wattage LED Equivalent Wattage/Lm Output
70W Sodium 70W 30W Flood 30W / 2700lm
150W Sodium 150W 50W Flood 50W / 4500lm
250W Sodium 250W 100W Flood / Low Bay / High Bay 100W / 9000lm
400W Sodium 400W 120W Flood / Low Bay / High Bay 120W / 12000lm
75W Metal Halide 75W 50W Flood 50W / 4500lm
150W Metal Halide 150W 70W Flood 70W / 6500lm
250W Metal Halide 250W 100W Flood / Low Bay / High Bay 100W / 9000lm
400W Metal Halide 400W 160W Flood / Low Bay / High Bay 160W / 15000lm
50W Halogen 50W 4W LED Down Light 4W / 480lm
100W Halogen 100W 10W Flood 10W / 950lm
200W Halogen 200W 20W Flood 20W / 1800lm
300W Halogen 300W 30W Flood 30W / 2700lm
500W Halogen 500W 50W Flood 50W / 4500lm
700W Halogen 700W 70W Flood 70W / 6500lm
1000W Halogen 1000W 100W Flood / Low Bay / High Bay 100W / 9000lm
2ft Fluorescent 18W 2ft LED T8 Tube 10W / 1015lm
3ft Fluorescent 30W 3ft LED T8 Tube 14W / 1250lm
4ft Fluorescent 36W 4ft LED T8 Tube 20W / 1850lm
5ft Fluorescent 58W 5ft LED T8 Tube 22W / 2250lm
6ft Fluorescent 70W 6ft LED T8 Tube 24W / 2520lm
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