Built in sensor UFO LED High Bay Light

The above photo is Fireflier’s new designed Crown UFO LED High Bay Light–A real built-in sensor UFO LED High Bay Light. We even provide a remote controller to make it be more intelligent. Compared with other UFO LED High Bay Lights, the Crown type is with a real internal driver, which makes the light be much smaller and nice looking.

It’s really a very clever design that Crown UFO LED High Bay Light has a outline of nature itself, without any remainder particles.It comes like a piece of art, full of modern sensibility. It maximally prevents dust and water from stockpiling, and makes cleaning work quite easy.

Now let’s come to the point–How does the built in sensor works? As we provide a remote controller for the high bays, so let check what the controller can do:

Microwave sensor controller

There are 4 fixed scene modes program built-in the remote control to choose for different applications.

—-Press the button “detection range” to set detection range as 100% / 75% / 50% / 10%.

—-Press the button“hold-time” to set hold-time as 5s / 30s/ 1min / 3min / 5min / 10min /20min/ 30min .

—-Press the button “daylight sensor” to set daylight threshold as 2Lux / 10Lux / 30Lux / 50Lux/ 80Lux/120Lux/ disable.

—-Press the button “stand-by period” to set stand-by period as 0s / 10s / 30s / 1min / 5min/ 10min / 30min / +∞. Note: “0s” means on/off control; “+∞” means bi-level dimming control.

—-Press the button“stand-by dimming level” to set the stand-by dimming level as 10% / 20% / 30%/ 50%.

To make sure the microwave sensor works properly, please install the UFO LED High Bays according to the below information:

*The distance between the inductor and the sensor is 4m wide;

*Recommended installation of sensor suction ceiling height 3-6m;

*Wall mounting height suggested 1-1.8m;

*The remote controls the most remote distance 15 meters (in different places remote

control distance will have the deviation)

High bay motion sensor controller

If you want to save more energy, then pls come to the Motion sensor UFO LED High Bay Light and contact us!

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