480v LED High Bay Lights

480v LED High Bay Lights can be used to provide lighting in large spaces such as warehouses and factories. These lights work by consuming less energy and emitting more light than other solutions. These lights can reach 170 lumens for watt and can be wired for 480 v. They also cause less heat than other lighting fixtures and is much smaller and lighter, making them a good choice for use in factories and warehouses. These UFO LED High Bay Lightings are safe, as they don’t emit any UV light and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They provide clear light than the traditional Metal halide lamps.

Do you need to brighten up a large indoor area? LED High Bay Lights are the perfect solution. They provide light for both vertical&horizontal places. You must install 480v led high bay lights, which is compatible with buildings that run on 480volt. This post will analyze LED high bay lights with a version in a 480 volt high voltage range.

To illuminate a warehouse or a large manufacturing facility, a high bay LED light is the best solution. The market is complicated with a lot of different high bay lighting fixtures, making it difficult to choose one. That’s why we made this post to help you. Read on to learn more about 480v LED High Bay Lights.

What are 480v LED High Bay Lights?

UL DLC LED High Bay Light 100W

These lights operate on a high voltage, 277-480 volts AC. This is also known as 480v. AC stands for alternating current, which is what comprises the power grid in all areas. Most areas are 120v AC, but industrial and large areas often use 480v to control the amount of voltage lost over a longer distance. When installing a light fixture, it is necessary to match the type of power source with the type of fixture.

The 480volt UFO LED high bay light is perfect for illuminating any space, like a large factory or indoor area, such as a gym or warehouse. It can be wired to work on 480-volts of power like many other high-powered fixtures. It creates a even light and the right brightness level, which is why it is ideal for indoor areas like a gymnasium or warehouse. It can be suspended through a hanging chain, or a round hook. You can also mount it directly to the ceiling with a bracket.

How do you know if a 480 Volt LED High Bay is right for your business?

When your voltage exceeds 240 volts, you’ll need to switch to high voltage lights. This is required for 347 volts or 480 volts.

Why do you need to use 480v high bay led fixtures?

LED high bay lights are the new way to go when it comes to lighting up any areas. Unsurprisingly, they are an excellent lighting solution. The uniformity of the light provides visibility of anything below. They are also increasing productivity by providing clear light for workers. This leads to increased energy efficiency.

One reason to use 480V High Bay Light is that some places are wired for 480-volt input voltages. The other reason is that standard lights, which you usually provide at 100~277 volts, may need too many amps. A higher(480V) input voltage means lighter amps, and amps equal volts divided by watts.

Why You Should Choose LED High Bay Lighting?

When buying high bay light fixtures, here are some of the most important qualities to look for:
-Brightness and coverage
-Color rendering
-Long life span

LED High Bay Light Fixtures are the perfect choice for warehouses. Not only do they meet all requirements for high bay light applications, but they save you 80% on energy costs and maintenance. In addition, these fixtures come with a few other benefits:

High Lumen Efficiency

Nowadays the UFO LED High Bay Light can reach up to 200lm/w, which means a 480V 150W UFO LED High Bay Light can reach up to 30000lumen that is equal to a 600-800W metal halide lamp. And the lumen efficacy keeps increasing every year due to the development of LED technology.

Color&Power Customization

You can choose from various color temperatures and control them independently via easily accessible software. Our AC277-480V LED High Bay Light is now with 0-10V dimming by default.

Space Saving

LED High Bay lights are much smaller than traditional high bay lights. This means that not only are they more efficient, but you can also have more space for other applications!

Lighting Performance

Lighting performance is an important consideration when deciding whether or not to switch from HID to LED. Indeed, LED lights have been shown to outperform HID in terms of brightness and energy efficiency.

LED lights are great because they have a multi-point design. They evenly distribute their light across the surface, which means that light levels won’t fluctuate as much when fixtures are mounted in different places. LED lights come in a variety of color temperatures that allow for more than just being “bright.” They can be used to add more pleasing colors to a room, and some can be customized to a certain mood.

All in all, a 480v High bay light is great solution to provide an abundance of light in a large industrial place. This will help with works and make objects easy to find. It is a good method to increase productivity and reduce costs. Various types of LED high bay lights making them appropriate for different applications such as warehouse, factory, gymnasium and etc.


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