Most clients pay much attention to the quality of the LED High Bay lights. However, few clients pay attention to the LED High Bay Lights’ package–A very important procedure but usually neglected by manufacturers and clients. To make all our clients have a further understand about Fireflier Lighting, we are going to share our LED High Bay Lights’ package in this article.

First, we must make sure the label is correct and meet the client requirement:

UFO LED High Bay Light Label

Before packaging the LED High Bay Light, we must test the hook to make sure it is compatible with the light:

UFO LED High Bay Fixture hook

And you must clean the complete light:

nice looking UFO LED High bay lamp

The installation manual is necessary so that clients know how to install the lights correctly:

UFO LED High Bay Lamp manual

Please don’t forget to take the hook/ring down:

UFO LED High Bay light manual

We use our standard EPE Foam to protect the whole LED High Bay fixture(the ring/hook is put inside the hole of the EPE Foam):

UFO LED High Bay Light body package

Put the whole LED High Bay Light fixture into the carton and don’t forget the installation manual:

UFO LED High bay lamp well packaged

Last but not least, we will put the cover on the top of the carton:

UFO LED High Bay Lighting good package

Finally, we must seal up the carton and put the correct label(client customized) on the box:

UFO LED High Bay Light package

If clients have other requirements for the package, such as a customized box or label, we can also help them to do that to make every client satisfied.

To make sure our package is no problem, we send it to the third party to test it and everything works well:

UFO LED High Bay Light vibration test

UFO LED High Bay Light shipment test

UFO LED High bay Lighting test result

Well, if you have any question, or advise, please contact us soon! Thanks for your time.


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