• aluminum reflector
  • LED High Bay Light aluminum reflector

Aluminum Reflector

Constructed with low-heat aluminum, the aluminum reflector directs a broad beam of downward illumination, and reduces glare and shadows.

This Aluminum reflector is designed to fit UFO LED high bay fixtures. Constructed with low-heat aluminum, it directs a broad beam of downward illumination, and reduces glare and shadows. All installation hardware included. The reflector is compatible with Ripple series UFO LED High Bay fixtures.

Aluminum Reflector Dimensions:


Aluminum diffuser dimension


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aluminum diffuser ufo led high bay

LED High Bay fixture with aluminum lampshade

LED Bell Light with aluminum diffuser

LED High Bay Lighting with aluminum bell

aluminum reflector high bay light

Aluminum cover LED High bay fixture

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The installation of the LED High Bay Light with Aluminum Reflector

LED High Bay Al reflector installation

– Read through this manual before installation.

– Handle the product with care.

– The product must be grounded.

– This product must be installed and maintained by a certified electrician.

– Consult with the manufacturer before maintenance.

– Turn OFF the power before installation and maintenance.

– Make sure the products are securely installed.

– The housing might become hot after operation.

– Primary use:high-bay luminaires for commercial and industrial buildings.

– Make sure the construction is strong enough to support the products.

– The product will automatically shut down once the temperature goes too high; and will automatically turn on once it cools down.

– The external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire cannot be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the luminaire shall be destroyed.

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