• E27 E40 Retrofit LED Bulb 60w
  • Retrofit LED Bulb 60w

E27 E40 LED Retrofit Bulb 60W

Physically compact with a modern look and 180degree adjustable body, this bulb can fit in places where others can’t, and look great doing it!

E27 E40 LED Retrofit Bulb 60W is one of the most versatile bulbs on the market. Physically compact with a modern look and 180degree adjustable body, this bulb can fit in places where others can’t, and look great doing it! These units deliver up to 6,000 lumens and multiple color temperatures which allows for a variety of different solutions to fit your needs. This high-output LED bulb is equipped with a frosted lens to reduce glare. With IP65 Waterproof design, this bulb can be used in both indoor&outdoor areas. 1-10V or PWM dimming is optional for this retrofit bulb.

Use this LED retrofit lamp to easily convert metal-halide (MH) and other high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures into super-bright, energy-efficient LED fixtures. With a life expectancy that’s more than twice as long as MH bulbs, the LED light reduces costly repairs, disposal fees, and the need for replacements. An E26/E27 or E39/E40 mogul screw base allows for easy installation in MH fixtures (ballast can be removed or bypassed), and the LED retrofit lamp operates within a wide 100-277 VAC range.

Active Cooling System
Quiet and efficient Oil-less bearing fan provides enough air to cool down the high performance LED chips inside the bulb. The fan is rated 50,000 hours lifespan. Even if the fan fails, Cooling Fan Failure Automatic Brightness Adjustment Circuit will immediately put the bulb in low lumens output model to prevent burn out. Thanks to this Active Cooling System, Fireflier’s E27 E40 LED Retrofit Bulb 60W features High Lumen Maintenance than any other CFL or HID bulbs.

The E27 E40 LED Retrofit Bulb 60W is high performance and high efficient luminaires with advanced thermal management and unique architecture design. These LED Retrofit bulbs can be used in shopping malls, garages, workshops, basements, outdoor post top lights, warehouses, and more.


Model FR-BUR-60W
Power 60W
Dimension ⌀88*205mm
Lumen 6000LM
Beam Angle 120°
Base E26/E27 OR E39/E40
Input Voltage AC100-277V
Dimming non-dimming/1-10v OR PWM dimming
CCT 2700-6500K
CRI 80~85
Environment  Temperature -20~+45℃
Working Life 50000hrs
Warranty 5 Years
Weight 480G
Packing  Dimension 20PCS/CTN


E27 E40 LED Retrofit Bulb size


Color Temperature:

E40 LED High Bay Light 150W


Supermarket Lighting
Warehouse Lighting
Factory Lighting
LED Shop Lights
Low Bay Lighting
Industrial Facilities
Retrofit Lighting


E27 E40 Retrofit LED Bulb application

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retrofit led bulb 60w

waterproof LED Bulb 60w

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WARNING: Before installing or maintaining the luminary, make sure all powers are


Verify that supply voltage is correct by comparing it with the label information on all


Make all connections in accordance with the NEC requirements, and make sure all

luminaries are properly secured to prevent any wire complications. This luminary is

to always be installed with the lens facing down and its not to exceed the maximum

ambient temperature rating noted on the specification sheet.

The BUR LED Light Bulb is able to retrofit many different fixtures to replace traditional MH/CFL bulbs. In this installation guide, a simple socket will be used as demonstration. This bulb comes with an E26/E27/E39/E40 medium base.

Retrofit LED Bulb installations1) This MUST be installed by a qualified electrician.

2) Unscrew the fasteners from the housing and unscrew the original lightbulb that is installed. If the housing also has a reflector, remove the reflector if necessary.

remove the HID Bulb

3) Make sure to bypass the Ballast ( along with the Ignitor and capacitor) before installing the BU LED bulb.

bypass or remove the ballast

4) Once the proper wiring modifications are made, the BUR LED Bulb can be screwed into the socket.

INSTALL the retrofit led bulb

5) Adjust the lamp body to the proper lighting angle

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