High Bay Accessories

We carry a full range of high bay lighting accessories, including chain and wire hanging kits, adjustable U-bracket, cords with plug, Polycarbonate reflector, Aluminum reflector, occupancy sensor, Microwave sensor, 60/90/120 degree lens, AC200-480V driver, safety rope, and more. All high bay light replacement parts include all necessary hardware for installation, which we recommend completely replacing any time you swap out components to ensure a proper, secure fit.

Mounting Bracket

Use this adjustable Mounting Bracket to mount your High-Bay Light to a wall or ceiling. The sturdy aluminum bracket is powder coated for rust resistance.

Aluminum Reflector

Constructed with low-heat aluminum, the aluminum reflector directs a broad beam of downward illumination, and reduces glare and shadows.

Polycarbonate Reflector

Use this reflector to reduce glare from your 60-, 80, 100-, 150-, 200-, or 240-Watt UFO LED High-Bay Light and to create a traditional high-bay look.

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