Solar Garden Lights

Feeling inspired by the solar garden lights you’ve seen chained up outside your favorite coffee shop or restaurant? Why not bring this luxe, modern lighting solution into your home with our Solar Garden Lights? Unlike traditional solar lights, which are often heavy and cumbersome, these sleek, portable lights are designed to travel easily from place to place. Just pick them up and go! They’ll charge in the sunlight during the day and automatically turn on at night, illuminating walkways or outdoor spaces with light that’s pleasantly warm – not harsh like most LED bulbs.

These waterproof Solar Garden lights are rated IP65, which means they’re suitable for outdoor use and can withstand rain showers.

Currently we have solar wall lights, solar pathway lights, solar bulb, solar work light, solar flood light, solar spotlight, etc.

Solar Wall Light

Featuring the latest in solar motion technology, with automatic on/off functionality, these solar motion wall lights are a perfect solution for wall light and security lighting.

Solar Pathway Light

Featuring the latest in solar motion technology, these solar motion pathway lights feature a modern design, automatic on/off functionality, two different brightness modes.

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