Solar Lights

Fireflier Outdoor Solar Lights are designed for pathway, yard, driveway, walkway , & garage in residential areas and commercial areas.

The 12V lights are 100% powered by the sun, which can work without connecting to the power grid.

The stand-alone design allows itself to install anywhere in garden or areas with large space.

Until now, we have Solar Pathway Light, Solar wall light, solar emergency bulb, solar LED Flood light, solar garden light, solar posttop light and etc.

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All in One Solar Street Light

The all-in-one design includes a Monocrystalline solar panel, life PO4 battery, an adjustable arm, high brightness LEDs, an MPPT solar controller, and a motion sensor.

Solar Globe Light

Get free, off-the-grid power for any outdoor location with Fireflier Wall/Pole Mount LED Solar Globe Light. These Solar globe lights make it easy to illuminate any area.

Solar Post Top Light

Solar Post Top Light is the perfect solution for dark areas outdoors. No matter what the weather, these waterproof lights can be mounted anywhere to provide adequate illumination for the street below.

Solar LED Street Light

The main advantage of all-in-two solar LED street light is that the solar panel and electric lamp can face different directions. This design is suited for countries with different longitudes and latitudes.

Solar Street Light 120W

Solar Street Light 120w has 4 Bridgelux 3030 LED Modules with a total of 20400lumen, LifePO4 Battery, Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel. T

Solar Street Light 100W

With high brightness of 17000lm, the Solar Street Light 100w has been designed to provide a light source for the urban and rural street areas.

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