Solar Lights

Fireflier Outdoor Solar Lights are designed for pathway, yard, driveway, walkway , & garage in residential areas and commercial areas.

The 12V lights are 100% powered by the sun, which can work without connecting to the power grid.

The stand-alone design allows itself to install anywhere in garden or areas with large space.

Until now, we have Solar Pathway Light, Solar wall light, solar emergency bulb, solar LED Flood light, solar garden light, solar posttop light and etc.

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Solar Street Light 80W

Solar street light 80W is a solar-powered road light that provides ideal illumination for both residential and commercial street areas.

Solar Street Light 60W

This solar street light 60W uses a monocrystalline silicon solar panel to charge a lifePO4 battery, which powers LED modules with 10200lumen.

Solar Street Light 30W

The Solar Street Light 30W is our flagship product, providing a safe, environmentally friendly light source for use in urban and rural environments.

Solar Street Light 40W

With an ideal combination of performance and affordability, the Solar Street Light 40w is the perfect solution for illuminating driveways, pathways, carports, and other outdoor areas that need light.

Solar Street Light 8W

Solar Street Light 8w is a high-quality solar-powered LED light. It has no wire and is easy to use, it only needs to be installed, and it can be charged by the sun.

Solar Street Light 15W

The Solar street light 15W is a state-of-art solar light with an integrated solar Panel.It's bright white LED light provides a white glow of 1600 lumens.

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