USA Quick Ship Program

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The USA Quick Ship Program: FAST, INSTANT Delivery for LED Fixtures

LED lights are amazing, but what if you need them right now? The Quick Ship program provides customers immediate shipment of light fixtures with no minimum order required. Quick Ship selections include both commercial and industrial lightings.

The Quick Ship Program provides customers with the ability to offer their customer’s more options than ever before. They’re able to offer LED lighting products in multiple wattage variations and in dimming versions. With all of these options, your inventory will never be over-stocked.

A customer’s convenience is our top priority. That’s why we make sure to be available in the right time zone and help customers with their entire purchase process – from when they order it to when we send it. With this program, we save lead time inventory and make sure it’s available in our USA locations.

Advantages of Quick Ship Program

Texas and Los Angeles locations offer a 24-48 hour turnaround time for shipping products. This provides a convenience to customers in the US. Customers can also use this opportunity to store their inventory in one of the locations, saving them from shipping charges.

See all of our Quick Ship products

Please visit: to see all our products available in the USA warehouse.

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