I’m sure that you will become the “professor” of UVC LED germicidal lamp after spending about 10minutes reading all this instruction. I will tell you everything about the germicidal lamps I know. Trust me, you will never regret it!

Part1: Does the LED lamps can kill the germicidal indeed?

Yes. And it has the best effect among all sterilization technologies. The germicidal rate can reach 99.999%.

Principle of UVC germicidal:

After using UVC rays to irradiate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of organisms, causing DNA strand breaks and breaking of nucleic acids and proteins, causing bacteria death and regenerative cell death. It can achieve high-efficiency and broad-spectrum sterilization effect.

The germicidal effect can reach 99.999%. It’s fantastic. UV ray’s technology has the highest germicidal broad-spectrum among all current disinfection technologies. It can kill all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

Part 2: Does UVC-LED Germicidal Lamp harm to the human body?

Do I need to wear goggles?

Exposed to UV rays for a long time can be possibly harmful to eyes, but it is safe for the skin without irradiated at a close distance for a long time.

About the design wattage of our germicidal lamp is 4W. For a long-life span purpose, we intentionally reduce the current to make actual wattage in 2.4W, not too high to increase the possible risk, or too low to complete sterilization in a short time. It is safe to keep the germicidal lamp and eyes in the proper distance (>20 cm).

Besides, we have designed safe gravity sensing to make it safer to use.

According to the suggestion of SGS, it’s better to wear goggles while using the germicidal lamp. Although the injury maybe cannot feel directly, it’s better to avoid the risks that perhaps discovered after many years of use.

Part 3: How to choose a great UVC LED germicidal lamp

This is a professional question, but also the most important one.

First, you must know how many real UVC-LED beads the product you purchase have, confirming that if it has some fake led beads. UVA, UVB, and UVC are all called ultraviolet rays, but only UVC LED beads wavelength among 200-280nm are valid for germicidal purposes.

Secondly, an excellent germicidal lamp shall be with safety design and accessories, such as turn on with long press, child lock-out feature, safe gravity sensor, or anti-UV goggles. Otherwise, it could be dangerous in use.

Besides, the irradiation surface should be wise enough about 15-20cm for germicidal in a large area, spending less time and easy to carry.


1. It’s non-conforming if the number of UVC lamp beads is not enough, and the sterilization effect is not guaranteed.

2. It’s non-conforming if without safe design or configuration and unsafe to use.

3. If the UVC LED portable germicidal lamp with the small irradiation surface is only suitable for germicidal to small objects, such as keys or lipsticks, large items such as clothes, pillows, or washbasins will take a long time. We recommended purchasing a portable UVC LED germicidal lamp with an Irradiation surface of 15CM-20CM.

Part4: What certificates usually required forUVC-LED germicidal lamps?

1. Report from Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology.

2. SGS microbiological test report

3. CE certification

4. FCC certification

Part5: Why the LED UVC germicidal lamp is expensive?

For example, like our product. X10 LED UVC germicidal lamp.

1. The cost of UVC LED lamp beads is high, usually need 7-9 RMB for small brands in China (unknown brand quality and can’t sure about safety, so it’s not recommended) 10-15 RMB for well-known brands. Our portable germicidal lamps have 8 UVC LED lamp beads; the cost of the lamp bead reaches 60-80 RMB (the price is also different according to the single or dual-wavelength). We should know that UVA lamp beads just 2.5 RMB and conventional lamp beads without any function only 0.02-0.04 RMB. The gap in price and quality is extremely huge.

2. Safe design or configuration, like long-press open, safety gravity sensing, and anti-UV goggles.

3. To meet the requirement of saving time, we configured a fast-charging function.

4. To beautiful and protect the lamp beads, we customize the luminous surface.

5. To carry while protecting the lamp beads from being damaged during carrying, we equipped with a flannel bag.

6. Packaging needs to be rationally designed, which is bigger in volume and cost much than normal products.

7. Our product is designed with a metal lamp tube, and baking finished, show value and durable.


Some businessman for profit just uses UVA. Or the number of led lamp beads is not enough; no safety design; no fast charging function; no goggles; no carrying bag; cheap plastic shell. It’s a low cost, poor value and product function can’t sure are valid.

Part 6: How many types of germicidal lamps are there on the market now?

The market divided into tube type (mercury lamp) germicidal lamp and UVCLED portable germicidal lamp

1. Lamp tube (mercury lamp) sterilization lamp has high power, durable penetrating power, but It also has a high safety risk. It is suitable for space sterilization. When the mercury lamp is working, people have to leave the area. The essential sterilization time is about 30 minutes, apply to a large area like the hospital.

2. UVC LED portable germicidal lamp has low power, short germicidal distance, and safety, suitable for portable germicidal. According to manual requirements, the risk is zero. To 1-3CM close-range germicidal, short time, basically spend 5-30 seconds, then you can complete germicidal, which is better for home life.

Part 7: Is the LED germicidal lamp market disorderly?

Which part do consumers need to pay attention to identify?

It is a disorderly market now. We did a few research on the internet and found that a large percentage of the products have various problems. Most of the sellers lack specialized knowledge. Almost over 90% of the sellers cannot answer our question with the professional expertise of germicidal lamps or just avoiding these questions. They have been doing unnecessary recommendations and marketing, which makes people have a lot of questions about the effectiveness of the germicidal product.

You can judge whether the product is excellent.

1. The number of UVC lamp beads enough.

2. The brand of UVC chip and lamp bead should be reliable.

3. The design of the safety (like gravity sensing design. Child lock, long-press to opening)

4. The area of the Irradiation surface should reasonable

5. The package should come with goggles

6. The necessary certification in your country

7. Packaging should contain carry bag

8. The whole package should be perfect after shipping.

UVC LED Sanitizer accessories

Part 8How to use the portable LED germicidal lamp to keep the users safe?

1. We recommend wearing goggles when using it

2. Choose the portable LED germicidal lamp has intelligent gravity sensor

3. Always keep a distance between your eyes and the lamp during germicidal at least >20CM

Part 9What kind of portable LED germicidal lamp is dangerous and should be never used?

Portable LED germicidal lamp without safe design should never be used it’s a high risk for the user (Safe design including intelligent gravity design, long-press design, child safety lock, goggles

Part 10: Where can you use a portable LED germicidal lamp?

There are lots of scenarios to use, and it’s quite convenient

Monday to Friday: for car, desk, keyboard, mouse, express box, mobile phone, mask, cash, etc.

Weekendwashstandsofa mattoyscupdining-table, kitchenbathroom, etc., for home life

Business Tripwashstand, toilettowelpillowquiltcupthermos

Keep germs away from you anywhere, anytime

Part 11Can N95 facemask re-use after germicidal by portable UVC LED germicidal lamp?

Experimental proof that N95 germicidal can result in high temperature, alcohol, UV raysUV rays germicidal efficiency for N95 over 95%. In the lack of supplies, you can use a portable LED germicidal lamp for N95 to mask germicidal, and repeated use.

Part 12: Does the portable LED germicidal lamp to affect the bag’s leather or color?

Short time for germicidal just dozens of seconds. So, that it won’t affect leather or color.

Part 13: Will the portable LED germicidal lamp can affect the phone’s use or phone’s appearance?

It won’t, even don’t need to shut down.

Part 14: Will the portable LED germicidal lamp to affect the credit card?

Definitely not.

Part 15: Pregnant women could use LED germicidal lamp?

The portable germicidal lamp won’t harmful to pregnant women. It’s similar to sunshine.

Part 16Professional knowledge analysis of LED germicidal lamp

1. What is UVA, UVB, UVC LED ?

UV LED Wavelength


The UVA wavelength is 320-400nm. It has durable penetrating power, UVA even can penetrate glass or deep 9 feet of water. UVA exists anytime on a sunny day. Over 95% of daily skin exposure is UVA.

Application: used for ore identification, stage decoration, money inspection, etc. UVA without germicidal efficiency.


The wavelength is 275-320nm. It has a medium penetration effect.

Application: UV health lamp, plant growth lamp. UVB without germicidal efficiency


The wavelength is 200-275nm. The UVC also call as shortwave germicidal UV. It has the weakest penetrating power.

Application: the UV germicidal lamp emits UVC shortwave ultraviolet light. Shortwave UV is widely used in home life, safety protection, hospitals, air conditioning systems, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment, water dispensers, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy products factories, sterilization in areas such as wineries, beverage factories, bakeries, and cold rooms.

2. What kind of UV rays has germicidal efficiency?

Only UVC-LEDwith 240-280nm can effectively germicidalothers UV like UVA and UVB is invalid.

3. How many types of UVC lamp beads? Any difference?

UVC can be divided into single and dual-wavelength. Single-wavelength UVC is a pure UVC LED chip with the best germicidal effect. But the pure UVC is not visible. Dual-wavelength UVC is a package of UVC LED chip and UVA LED chip, the germicidal effect is slightly weakened than pure UVC. The advantage of dual-wavelength UVC is that we can see UV rays, and the product experience is better.

4. Can the UVC germicidal lamp see the light in the working?

If it is a single-wavelength UVC, only can watch purple light on white paper, and can’t see it on the object.

If it is dual-wavelength UV, you can see purple light in the working.

5. What is UVC LED available distance and what is UVC LED safety distance.

Currently, the power of UVC LED lamp beads are 2W, 1W, 0.5W, 0.2W.

2W and 1W are suitable for cabinet germicidal lamps or car germicidal lamps. 0.5W and 0.2W are ideal for the portable germicidal lamp.

The sufficient germicidal distance of 2W UVC LED lamps beads is 1m, 1W is 0.5 m, 0.5W is 0.3 m, and 0.2W is 0.2 m.

The rapid germicidal needs to controlled within 5 cm. If the germicidal distance exceeds 5 cm, the germicidal effect of UVC LED will quickly decay.

6. I did not know the UVC LED germicidal lamp before.

Previously the cost of a UVC LED lamp bead was 500-1,000 RMB. They used in aerospace, military, medical fields. Due to the high cost of UVC LEDs, they have not entered the consumer market.

Now the cost of UVC LED lamp beads has been reduced by dozens of times, and it has begun to enter the consumer market.

Part 17: Features of FIREFLIER UVC LED Sterilizer Wand

1. Have Safety design?

Yes. Long-Press 3 seconds to turn on. Intelligent gravity sensing design. We suggest you wear goggles when in use.

2. What accessories do our germicidal lamps have?

UVC LED portable germicidal lamp * 1 ; Anti-UV goggles * 1 (UV400, CE certification) ;

Flannel bag * 1 ; Charging cable * 1

3. How much quantity to customize LOGO and barcode.

Even just a small order of 100quantities, the customer provides the Logo and barcode, we can label the customer.

Provide convenience to customers and save fees.

Part 16: Compared with similar products, what are the advantages of our products?

(1) We are a professional LED factory for 10 years. We provide ODM, OEM professional solutions for Panasonic, Home Depot, Amazon, Berman.

(2) Our products have appearance patents and US design patents

(3) Our products include FCC certification, CE certification, SGS Report, certificate of Guangdong Microbiology, ERP / REACH certification.

(4) Metal Material, Baking finished.

(5)8 PCS UVC LED lamp beads.

(6) Intelligent gravity sensing. It’s a safety design

(7) Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on. Avoid accidental contact and easy opening by a child.

(8) Anti-UV goggles * 1 (UV400, EU CE certification)

(9) Flannel bag. Easy to carry.

(10) Use 5-6 hours on a single charge

Part 17: Follow-up product plan.

Other germicidal products are still in the design and expected to be launch in two months.

We plan to launch UVC LED germicidal lamps for mobile phones.

UVC LED germicidal lamp for ladies (X50, already launched in June 2020)

UVC LED cabinet lights

UVC LED daily germicidal box (can sterilize all small items)

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