UFO LED High Bay Light is becoming more and more popular in the global lighting market due its compact&waterproof design,high lumen efficiency,variable installation and many functions optional. There are thousands of manufacturers producing UFO LED High Bay fixture in China. However, few LED High Bay suppliers design high power UFO LED High Bay Lamp with more than 240W. Almost all supplier produce only UFO LED High Bay Lights from 60W to 240W. So here comes a question: For more than 15meters height buildings, which power should we use? 240W UFO LED High Bay Light seems just meet the demand if we use a 60degree beam angle for it. So how about much more higher buildings? For example, 20meters,30meters? Then it must be 300W or higher.That’s why we designed UFO LED High Bay fixture 300W 400w and 480W. Of course, buildings(warehouse, factory,etc) higher than 15meters is much less in the market. This is one of the reason that few suppliers design high power UFO LED High Bay Lighting over 240W. Another reason is the heat cooling is quite difficult to solve with a compact design and powerful LEDs. But finally we make it. As a professional manufacturer focusing on LED High Bay Lights, we are trying our best to meet different clients requirement.

So how does it look like? Below is a photo to share with you:

300W LED High bay Lighting

We call it Titan series UFO LED High Bay Light. The powerful design and excellent performance make it quite attractive in the industrial lighting market. With our unique ventilation back design, and patent ultra quiet fan cooling, the Titan UFO LED High Bay Light keeps a good temperature even after a long time working. For your reference, below is our temperature test for this LED High Bay 400W:

in situe temperature test

From above test result, we can find that the highest is not over 70degree even after 500minutes working. It performs even better than the lower power UFO LED High Bay Light in the market.

Temperature test result is nice. So how about the lumen efficiency for this powerful UFO LED High Bay Light?

Lumen efficiency of 300W ufo led High bAY

We can easily get the answer from the above LM79 test result. It is 135LM/W. Which means a 400W UFO LED High Bay Light can reach 54000lumen, which is totally enough to replace 1000W metal halide or HPS lamp. If you are looking for a 1000W Metal halide light replacement, you must try this light!

Another factor that most client will worry about is the driver. Now you can forget it. Because we use the high quality and famous brand: Inventronics Driver. There are two drivers in each Titan UFO LED High Bay Lamp which make sure each led works well and keeps a better temperature.

Inventronics driver test

The above driver test tells us the Inventronics driver life time can be 95,000hours at 220V and 80% load at 70℃ temperature. 95,000 hours means 11 years!!! Do you still worry about the driver quality of our Titan UFO LED High Bay Light?

All in all, Fireflier Lighting always put the quality in the first place. You will be happy by cooperating with us!

400W UFO LED High Bay Light aging test

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