Good news. Meanwell HBG driver now support the Built-in DALI interface. It will be much easier for customer who need the led high bay light with Dali dimming. Our UFO LED High Bay Light and Bell Type LED High Bay Light use the Meanwell HBG series,so they support Dali dimming directly.
dali meanwell driver

What is Dali

In any dimming system, the ballasts and controllers must be able to speak the same language. In the case of digital dimming systems, this language is either proprietary — unique to a particular manufacturer (and other adopters, if allowed) — or an open standard, such as the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol.

The advantage of a proprietary protocol is that a single manufacturer, which has tested all of the individual components to ensure interoperability and support of the entire system, can furnish the complete control system. The disadvantage is that the owner is then tied to a single manufacturer, which limits choice and potentially sacrifices economy.

DALI is a royalty-free, non-proprietary, two-way, open and interoperable digital protocol. Currently, DALI consists of a set of commands to and from ballasts within a defined data structure and specified electrical characteristics. As an open standard (NEMA 243-2004), DALI is supported by five major U.S. electronic ballast manufacturers and a growing number of controls manufacturers, which offer DALI-compatible products. Advantages of DALI include:

  •  True interchangeability across ballasts and controlsThis results in lower costs, ensures future availability, and enables the system designer to select product functions from one manufacturer and combine them with products from other vendors.
  •  Standardized ballast performanceDALI ensures consistent dimming performance across all dimming ballasts regardless of type or manufacturer, currently not achievable with analog dimming methods such as 0-10VDC.

When examining whether to use DALI for a fluorescent dimming installation, you must first assess the advantages and disadvantages of digital control, and then weigh the pros and cons of DALI as the communication protocol that enables the digital components to talk to each other. As a starting point, it’s important to determine what degree of flexibility you’re looking for in your lighting control strategy.

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