Have you been thinking about upgrading from electricity-hogging metal halide or other HID high bay lighting to LED lights, but the energy savings hasn’t been quite enough to prod you into action? Here we got news for you…

ufo led high bay lightFireflier now designed ultra-efficient UFO LED high bay lights that produce 150 lumens per Watt. This means brighter lights at even lower wattages than before. Our newest 100 Watt LED high bay pendant light, for instance, outputs enough light (15,000 lumens) to replace 300W to 400W metal halide lamps. That’s up to a 75% reduction in electricity usage, making it the most efficient 100W light on the market.

Our 200W LED high bay lighting fixture outputs 30,000 lumens, or enough to replace a 700W metal halide lamp.

In addition to the energy savings, LED lighting maintains its brightness in a way that metal halide and other HID options do not. With metal halide lamps, you can expect to lose about 30% of the light’s brightness over the course of a year or two. It happens gradually, so it isn’t noticed the way a blown lamp would be, but it nonetheless causes eyestrain for your employees and makes your facility appear dingier.

LED lumen maintenance, on the other hand, is closer to 95%, which means over the lamp’s lifetime, you’ll only see around a 5% decrease in brightness.

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