There are several types of LED High Bay Lights in the market, including UFO LED High Bay Light, Bell Type LED High Bay Light, Linear LED High Bay Light, E40 LED High Bay Bulb, and so on. This time, let’s talk about the E40 Type LED High Bay Light.

Why few manufacturers design E40 LED High Bay Bulb?

There are several reasons. First, the LED High Bay Bulb have three necessary parts: LED Chip, LED Driver and Cooling body. Because the power of the LED High Bay Light is usually high power from 50W to 1000W, the LED driver and Cooling body must be very big and heavy weight. While, the E40 LED High Bay Lamp requires a built-in driver and cooling body. What’s worse, the E40 screw base can not bear heavy weight fixtures(Safety is always the most important factor during our lighting design). Second, most E40 LED High Bay Light are required to replace traditional lamps including HPS,HID,Metal Halide Light which are usually installed in a fixture. It means that the E40 LED High Bay Light’s size must be workable in traditional lighting fixtures. So there is a size problem. Third, the driver for LED High Bay Light is usually very big. However, E40 LED High Bay Light requires a small LED Driver due to limited space. Most of manufacturers don’t design LED driver themselves. So if you want to make a E40 LED High Bay Bulb, you have to design a proper LED Driver by yourself.

Fireflier Lighting always put the customers need in the first place. That’s why we must try our best to design the E40 LED High Bay Series to meet our clients’ requirement. Now we have several types E40 LED High Bay Bulbs, including waterproof E40 LED High Bay Light, Dimming E40 LED High Bay Light, Various beam angle E40 LED High Bay light. We have our own designed LED Driver and cooling fan with over 7 years experience. For the safety problem, each of our bulb are designed with much less weight than the E40 Base can bear. We even add the safety rope for additional protection. Now let me introduce our E40 LED High Bay Series to you.

30W 40W 50W IceCream E27/26 E39/E40 LED High Bay BulbE27 LED High Bay Bulb

This type is with small size  80(D) x 149(H) mm design, ultra quite fan cooling and only 380g weight. The small size makes it with a wide application.

50w led bulb

50W-350W E39/E40 LED High Bay Bulb

300W E40 Led high bay bulb

This E40 LED High Bay Bulb have 3 beam angle solutions: 60/90/120degree lens. This bulb is also with small size design, cooling fan inside to help heat dissipation. The maximum wattage is 350w which makes this light can be used at the height up to 30meters.

Waterproof IP56 LED High Bay Bulb 80W 100W

waterproof 100W LED Bulb

This bulbs size is very similar to traditional HPS light. The waterproof design makes it can be used both indoor and outdoor.


IP65 LED High Bay Bulb 100W 120W 150W

LED High Bay Bulb 150W

This type is with bigger light-emitting area and completely waterproof design. The highest lighting efficiency can reach to 160lm/w, which is higher than 95% competitors.

IP65 150W LED High Bay Bulb E40

Besides, Fireflier Lighting just designed a completely new type 150W and 200W E40 LED High Bay Bulb which can be also installed with hook. Photo is as below:

E40 LED High Bay Bulb

This type E39/E40 LED High Bay Bulb have 3 types lens optional: 60/90/120degree. It is 1-10V dimming and IP56 waterproof design. Besides, Microwave sensor is also available for it.

As a professional manufacturer of LED High Bay Light, we keep designing new lights to satisfy different clients’ requirement. If you are looking for a proper LED High Bay Light, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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