High bay fixtures are a critical part to any high ceiling building. Since these high bays require such large lumen output, the cost to run them can be high. By converting to LED high bays, you are able to reduce your energy consumption in your most energy intensive fixtures by up to 75%. In this […]

High Bay and Low Bay Lighting are terms used to describe the indoor lighting that is commonly mounted via a pendant, chain, or directly to a ceiling or ceiling girder. These types of lights are often mounted higher than recessed troffer or fluorescent lights. So common use cases for this type of lighting are: warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial lighting spaces, […]

Information is power, and that is exactly why we are putting together this post for you. We want to share the top LED lighting blogs on the web for your benefit. Being able to soak up information that will teach you a thing or two is invaluable. Whether you want general information, news, or in-depth and […]


T5HO Wasn’t All It Was Cracked Up to Be T5HO lights were heralded as the answer to energy-expensive metal halide lights: they’d save you a bundle on your electricity bill while providing the same bright light you’d become used to. Unfortunately, companies that switched out their metal halide lights for T5HO fixtures found the brightness […]

dimmable led high bay light

Why Choose Dimming? LED warehouse lights can use a significant amount of energy. Many warehouses will have 50-100 or more 250watt/400watt metal halide bulbs. Those can easily be replaced with High Bay LED Lighting and bring the wattage down to 100watts or so, but adding dimming can save another 35%. Switching to LED High Bay […]

What is high bay lighting, and what applications benefit from it? Whenever a large indoor space needs to be illuminated, high bay lighting is usually appropriate. Consider spaces like manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, factories, and more; these facilities are typically vast and cover a lot of vertical as well as horizontal space. This requires powerful […]

LED Equivalent against Traditional Lighting Here at Fireflier we have compiled a table to show the comparisons between traditional fittings and the Fireflier LED equivalent. Please note, these comparisons are based on accurate estimations from testing within Fireflier studios. They are displayed here as guidance only and may vary dependant on the environment they are in, the equipment and existing products in […]

Sample IP Rating

October 30, 2014
Sample IP Rating

McLaren P1 has been introduced to us more than two years ago, back in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, but you probably still have your knees weaken every time you see this car. Well, this specific McLaren P1 comes courtesy of MSO division meaning an array of elements on the P1 that distinguish it from the normal one. This week the car has been spotted parked outside Beverly Wilshire hotel, one fantastic spot in Beverly Hills, CA which is known for exotic cars and visited by people from the Middle East.

There are many different types of lighting technologies to choose from. Knowing the difference between incandescent and LED and the difference between halogen and LED can help you make an educated decision on what’s best for your application and budget. Incandescent: Example of a typical incandescent bulb This well-known lighting type is the most dated and least […]

LED Technical Terms

February 25, 2010

LED Technical Terms Bus A complex wiring system, mostly consisting of a conductor to which other electrical devices are connected. Buses are often used in power distribution equipment to handle large amounts of electrical current like panelboards. Ballast A device used to start and operate lamps. High intensity discharge and fluorescent lamps require this device to start and control the inrush […]

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